Saas Integration Agreement

“Customer” refers to the company that ordered Software as a Service to billwerk GmbH, Mainzer Landstrasse 51, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (“billwerk”), or an authorized billwerk distributor on order online or by concluding the order document accompanying and incorporating this Billwerk software as a service contract, if applicable (together the agreement). Although saaS agreements involve a large number of stakeholders, the binding commitments these contracts create generally mean that they are defined and controlled by law. In a SaaS model, customers gain access to software functionality based on the vendor`s standard specifications, as the provider provides services to all its customers. As a result, lenders generally do not offer customers a time frame to test services once an agreement has been signed. Instead, suppliers can offer customers a free trial license, during which the customer should perform all the necessary tests to determine if the customer wishes to continue the purchase. As far as possible by law, we may amend this agreement at any time and at our discretion by notifying you via your account dashboard and by publishing various conditions on the site. Subject to paragraph 12.12, such a change takes effect in your use of the Services as a result of such notification, which is considered your consent to such a change. It is the customer`s responsibility to regularly check their account dashboard and website to verify changes to this agreement. If you do not accept an amendment, you may terminate this agreement in accordance with paragraph 19.1. Sellers in SaaS companies are the main creators of SaaS agreements – or at least they should be. A SaaS contract may contain an order form with an attached MSA, a custom licensing agreement or a business package.

The size of the agreement will likely determine whether sellers are allowed to self-service or whether they must involve sales officials or legal advisors. If the contractual cooperation platform is easy to use and there is a robust licensing workflow to minimize risk, younger salespeople can use it themselves. SaaS companies, which ship many agreements, often integrate their contracts into their CRM (usually Salesforce). It`s a huge amount of work to create and expect Word models that are up to date with the latest Salesforce data – for many companies, it`s at least an employee`s full-time job.

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