Sample Credit Line Agreement

The parties, through consensual advice and according to the principle of fairness and mutual benefit, have entered into the following agreements equally and voluntarily, in accordance with current legislation and regulations: not all loans require piles of paperwork. A revolving credit agreement is quite simple and often only exists between a single seller or store and a customer. Maybe the customer regularly makes big purchases. Or maybe the customer owns a small business, but their check writing process takes a few days. If you are the seller, you can still benefit from a credit agreement. You may have just secured a client with significant expenses for life. What if they don`t pay by the hour? You can arrange a late penalty or interest with a revolving line of credit. A revolving line of credit can help make business a little easier for both buyers and sellers. Other names in this document: Revolving line of credit Subject to the application of Part B, Part A agrees to provide a line of credit to Part B for use. This Agreement is concluded and concluded by and between Party A and Part B in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and after mutual consultation of the following conditions: Date: Part I.

Information about the parties and the lending borrower Company name: KREDO FINANCE SHPK Registration number: NUIS L71610009A Legal address: Rruga “Prokop Mima”, QendraPajton, 1, 7, Communal Unit No. 5, Tirana, Albania Actual place of service: First name, Father`s name:Personal identification number: Card/Passport:Address: City/Village District:Bank account: Bank:IBAN: E-mail address: E-mail address: Telephone: Part II. Credit amount Conditions 1. Type of loan Installment loan Installment credit 7 days ☐ 3 months ☐ 14 days ☐ 6 months ☐ 30 days ☐ 12 months ☐ 24 months ☐ 2. Limitations 2.1. ALL: 2.2. Credit amount, ALL 3. Daily interest rate, %: Annual interest rate, %: Monthly rate, %: Effective interest rate, %: 4.

Credit management fee %: Loan fee %: total amount to be repaid by the borrower, ALL: Daily late payment penalty%: 5. Payment date Main payment date,ALL interest payments • Any credit facility fully secured, fully and irrevocably guaranteed by a financial institution accepted by the bank, fully insured or fully secured by other risk management methods, will not be charged to the maximum credit line. On the basis of the principles of equality, mutual benefit and voluntary service, the Parties have entered into the following agreement (“this Agreement”) through Friendship Councils, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. . . .

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