Treatment Agreement Classroom

When it comes to building and maintaining relationships in the classroom, there is no more powerful tool in a teacher`s login toolbox than our Get to Know You (GTKY) Circles. Whether you`re looking for an entertaining and interactive way for you and your students to discover facts you all have in common, or if you want to meet your students on a deeper level, GTKY Circles is the tool for you. Our GTKY Circles have been designed by educators for educators and offer you the necessary components to bring structure and security into your sharing space so that everyone can discover their voice and each other in a healthy and respectful way. Powerful connections and class community could be just a circle away! Big Sparks provides a proactive platform for classroom teachers to create an intentional plan for students to start each class, interacting positively during the first 90 seconds of teaching, creating “positive sparks.” These short start-ups are not just a check-in with students during their weekend or day. This question should not elicit a “positive” answer. This spark plan should provide instructions for interactions between students and teachers to interact positively with each other. Use this template as an inspiration to create or revise your own class chords. Common and documented knowledge of how you work and help all learners eliminate confusion about classroom behaviour and procedures and create an atmosphere of trust and support between students and maximize learning time. In defining class agreements, some teachers present a list prepared for discussions, others bring some ideas and let students refine and revise them, while the most constructivists start from scratch on the question of debate: what do we need, as learners, to prosper together? Whatever your strategy, the time invested upstream in developing class agreements that are consistent with your values and beliefs about a learning community reaps huge profits. The teacher can also ask a question to the entire class and only let students answer with a GIF or meme (appropriate) in the virtual chat in the classroom. The advantage of essential agreements is to create a culture of community learning, determined by the learners of this community. Our 6.0 Connection Toolkit has six proactive tools that help our teachers build and maintain relationships in the classroom. We invite you to explore these tools as you try to build relationships with and maintain your students.

Our training contract! In addition to the expectations and procedures in the classroom, my class has delved into its own expectations as to how we should behave with each other in the classroom, in brainstorming.

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