Tullow Ghana Petroleum Agreement

Li 2258 applies to all oil operations. It aims, inter alia, to prevent the adverse effects of petroleum activities on health, safety and the environment and to promote high standards of health and safety. It contains the minimum health and safety requirements applicable to contractors, subcontractors and other actors in the sector. The main rules concern the planning and operation of installations, systems and equipment, marine installations, structures, drilling and well systems, emissions and discharges, decommissioning, risk analysis, and emergency preparedness and declaration.65 17 www.eni.com/en-IT/media/press-release/2018/07/eni-starts-gas-production-from-octp-project-deep-offshore-ghana.html. The department receives applications from potential contractors, negotiates the terms of oil contracts, and grants the right to explore, develop and produce oil and gas products. Increase local capacity and safeguard the interests of foreign participants in the oil and gas sector. Another investment activity to mention concerns activities in the gas sector. In 2011, Ghana Gas Company Limited (GGCL) was established by the government as a limited liability company responsible for the construction, ownership and operation of infrastructure necessary for the collection, processing, transportation and marketing of natural gas resources in the country. The government has now transferred its shares in GGCL to GNPC, making GGCL a subsidiary of GNPC.

This is in line with the government`s policy of making GNPC the national gas aggregator in Ghana for better and efficient management of gas resources. . . .

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